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The Wheel of Time

Greetings. I have been too busy to blog weekly lately. New venues opened for my teachings. From a delightful flogging video shoot for Kink University and a live class for BondCon to the wonderful folks I presented for at One Taste, I’m having a ball! It’s invigorating and...

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Playa Pinch

Just finished a marvelous Intensive. Many of my kinky friends are packing for the Burning Man. Ah! That awesome forever-growing gathering of people from all over the world who build a ephemere utopic city in the Nevada desert I am missing this year. A Society of Consent

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Up Your Alley

The Tech Industry can move the date of Folsom Street Fair but the last Sunday in July is still Folsom Street Fair’s dirty little brother, “Up Your Alley,” a very gay leather community celebration and, I must say, it is my favorite! My queer heart loves being in all that energy.

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Discrimination on Folsom Street

In 2000 I made my first film, a work of passion. The professional crew who shot it in my little dungeon and saw it to its completion, including a beautiful sound mix, were really into it. So were both my submissive play partners. I wanted to make a difference and show caring, real and intense BDSM play. Over a decade later...

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