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Discrimination on Folsom Street

In 2000 I made my first film, a work of passion. The professional crew who shot it in my little dungeon and saw it to its completion, including a beautiful sound mix, were really into it. So were both my submissive play partners. I wanted to make a difference and show caring, real and intense BDSM play. Over a decade later...

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Trait d’Union: Are We There Yet?

Greetings on San Francisco Pride week 2014. This year’s theme, “Color our World with Pride,” is an invitation to reach out further to other cultures, other lifestyles, other nations. Visibility brings acceptance. That is why in 1986 I marched in the first Leather ...

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Pride and Polaroids!

I wasn’t going to post again for a couple of weeks, but it’s Pride month here and there’s just too much going on! A celebration of all we are: GLBTQ, Kink, Leather, Market Street San Francisco is lined in gay pride flags, I can almost hear the roar of the Dykes on Bykes! It hasn’t always been like this, you know...

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Remember in my docu-film “The Pain Game,” how I expressed my preference for Madame, rather than Ma’am or Mistress? Being greeted that way with a smile, without having to ask, was... just grand!

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